Friday, December 24, 2010

My secret of finding girls on social networking sites

According to new studies, (and have
become the most popular destinations for meeting women!

So I have to ask you...

Do you use either of these sites?

If you've tried this site to meet women, then you've probably
realized that it's actually pretty difficult to meet women.  One
reason is there a lot of stiff competition from other men. 

The other reason is there is a lot of women on this site who say
they're looking for dating, but instead they're out to take
advantage of you.

Let me explain.

Some "women" on this site aren't there to make connections or
date.  Instead they're on this site to make a profit or to build
their ego.  In today's email, I will discuss the different types
of women on fbook and why you should NOT contact them.  If you
know how to identify the "women" who are not interested in
dating, you can save a lot of time and aggravation.

1- Avoid the 'Friend Whores'

There are a lot of women on facebook who are only interested in
bulking up their list of friends.  These 'friend whores' don't
want to know you.  Instead they want to increase their number of
friends.  Any attempts to talk to these women will be ignored. 

Bottom line is they're not interested in getting to know the
guys on their list.

So if you see a woman with more then a couple hundred friends,
then you know she's not interested in dating.  Just move on and
find someone who is open to talking to a guy.

2- Avoid the Web Cam or Porn Girls

If you've been on facebook for more then a minute then you've
probably come across the 'web cam' or 'porn girl'.  Typically
they operate like this...

You get a message or a friend request from a girl who thinks
you're interesting but she doesn't have time to talk.  But if
you go to her "private" site, she'll be able to talk to you.

It goes without saying that these women are complete fakes. 
They're only interested in you pulling out your credit card and
paying for access to their porn website.

3- Avoid the Businesses

Marketers and businesses are getting smart these days!

They know if they slap a pretty female face on a profile, men
will be more responsive to friend requests and will check out
any site that is recommended on their profile.

Instead of looking for a date, these type of people want you to
check out their website.  As a you can see,  they are on MySpace
to make money.

4- Avoid the Phishers and Criminals

The phishers and criminals are the worst type of people you can
encounter on facebook.

These people are on this site for the sole purpose of obtaining
your private information to rip you off.  Their goal is to control
your account or even gain access to your financial information.

Here is how they operate:

These criminals will send a message or bulletin asking you to
check out a site or page. On this page is a script which informs
you that you've been logged off facebook.It then tells you enter
your facebook account data.

Once you enter this information, the criminals will have your
private information! 

So one second you think you're talking to a pretty girl then
suddenly a criminal has access to your important data.

5- Avoid the Models, Stars,

There is a group of people on facebook who request friends in
order to build buzz about their work.  So if you get a friend
request from a model, star, comedian or band it's not because of
your charm, wit or good looks.  It's because they want you check
out their profile and support their work.

Now I'm NOT against this type of promotion.  I just want to
recommend that you don't waste your time trying to hit on any of
these people. 

Your messages will go unanswered.

6- Avoid the 'Suspect Women'

There a lot of types of people in this group.

My advice is to always look at her entire profile (not just the
pics) before contacting a girl.  Look for anything that looks
suspicious which might raise any warning bells. 

For instance, here are a couple of things you should look for:

* A profile that states a girl is 18 and older, yet she makes a
reference to being in high school

* A girl with hundreds of comments from guys

* Any girl who has lots of friends, but doesn't seem to receive
any personal comments

As you can see, there are a lot of pitfalls when trying to date
women on facebook.  While I think this site is an excellent source
for finding available women in your area, you should know what to
look for and the type of women to avoid. 

Just use common sense and don't waste time with women who aren't
interested in dating.