Saturday, July 31, 2010

5 easy steps to seduce any girl

Seduction can be a confusing concept for many guys. Because this
is a topic covered by MANY sites, there is almost TOO much
information out there.

What's the end result? Well, with the large amount of "seduction
material", the average guy can learn a lot about various "pick up

But in all likelihood, he'll fail to understand the PHILOSOPHY
behind each technique.

Frankly, I think the ENTIRE process of seduction can be boiled
down to a few easy steps. If you understand the philosophy behind
each step, then you'll do better then 99% of the other guys who
only look for "quick-fix" solutions.

So here is  formula for how seduction works:

1- Mental Game

The most "seductive" men are the guys who overcome the PROBLEMS
with their confidence AND self limiting beliefs. What these guys
understand is the importance of having the right mindset before
approaching women.

I think that most men fail to realize the importance of their
mind when it comes to meeting women. In order to be seductive to
women, you must ensure you're displaying an attractive
personality at ALL times!

2- Approaching Women

Approaching women isn't about using some cheesy pick up line!

It's about displaying a high status personality while attracting
her interest. That's why it's important to use a neutral opener
that doesn't indicate your interest.

Most women want guys who are high status. By NOT displaying signs
of interest on your approach, you'll attract her attention
without triggering her natural inclination to be wary of new guys
talking to her. And this helps to reinforce a confident, yet
mysterious persona.

3- Make Her Attracted

You CAN'T have seduction she's attracted to you first. And this
attraction is established within the first few minutes of meeting
a guy.

As I stated before, a big mistake you could make is to
demonstrate YOUR attraction to a woman before she displays hers.

Once you approach a woman, you need to focus on creating
attraction. There are many routines and techniques you can use to
make this happen. In fact, MOST of the content you'll find on
"seduction websites" focuses on creating that spark of attraction.

For now, all you need to know is the importance of creating

4- Show your attraction

In order for a woman to become emotionally invested in a guy, she
must know that you like her for who SHE IS instead of her

As a woman becomes attracted to you, she'll demonstrate specific
'Indicators of Interest'.  Once you detect these flirting signals,
you should "push and pull" the interaction. Basically these are
routines where you subtly get a woman to sell herself.

And if she gives you the responses that YOU look for, you can
demonstrate your own signs of attraction.

Basically the idea of giving (then taking way) your attraction is
to create sexual tension. This is what flirting is all about. One
minute you're showing signs of interest, the next you're pushing
her away and teasing her in a funny manner.

5- The Seduction

While this is the last step listed, seduction is something that
should be happen from the moment you meet a woman. From the
moment you first speak to her, you must be communicating a
sexually confident aura.

Seduction is about recognizing her attraction signals and
responding with the appropriate response. And during the later
stages of interaction, seduction is about knowing how to
physically escalate, kiss her and THEN progress towards "closing
the deal".

In addition, it's also about being the guy who is confident
enough the control each level of progression.  This is the essence
of the DOMINANT male!

So there you have it! The ENTIRE process of seduction summarized
into a few steps.


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    1. for that you should become bold and confident and also you should be supportive to her and no one should know that she is your crush because if anyone knows then they will tease you and girls dont like that.

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